EC-BLAST Tutorial for Hands-on Training

EC-BLAST Tutorial for Hands-on Training


EC-BLAST: a tool to automatically search and compare enzyme reactionsSA Rahman, SM Cuesta, N Furnham, GL Holliday, JM Thornton; Nature methods 11 (2), 171-174

2 thoughts on “EC-BLAST Tutorial for Hands-on Training

  1. Hi asad,
    the tool looks promising. However if i want to compare a set of enzymes for its similarity, i can’t do that manually. I have gone through the FAQ and learned about curl to access EC-BLAST through terminal. But i can’t figure out how to get rxn file for enzymes.

    • Hi Taushif,

      In the EC-Blast Database, we have 5000+ Mapped RXN files assigned to enzymes. You can use EC numbers or KEGG reaction Ids to query them.

      Nonetheless, if you have a specific reaction in mind then please do let us know and we can run it at our end. You could use any Chemoinformatics tool to fetch RXN files, like ChemDraw or MarvinSketch (Demo) or chemdoodle

      Presently we don’t support web-service (RESTFul) although we are working on it.

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